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The goal of the United Democratic Nations is to promote world peace through the principle of democracy, a belief that greater representation means less war and human suffering.

A reformed United Nations?

Clearly we already have an organization dedicated to the cause of world peace, the United Nations.  But it is just as clear to all that the UN has not lived up to this promise.  Founded over sixty years ago in response to WWII, it has repeatedly failed to prevent subsequent wars, atrocities, and countless gross violations of human rights.  It has not brought peace to the middle east.  It has failed to stop genocide in Somalia.  Nor has the UN provided a workable plan for nuclear disarmament.  And most dangerous of all, it has not encouraged the growth of democracy on the planet.

Why has the UN failed?  The UN simply lacks the necessary legitimacy to lead.  It is an undemocratic organization.  The very word "democracy" appears nowhere in the UN charter.

The UN is dominated by an undemocratically chosen group called the Security Council:  China, France, Russia, the UK, and the United States.  Why not India?  Or Japan?  Or Brazil?  All have greater populations than France or the UK.  And what of Switzerland?  Or Mexico?  Each has a more representative government than China.  Clearly the UN is not a democratic organization.


Totalitarian governments lack the legitimacy necessary to represent their own citizens.  In what way are they qualified to represent world opinion?

Is the UDN a call for reform?  Yes and no.  Yes, the United Nations is clearly in desperate need of reform.  In the sixty years since its founding, the world has become a more dangerous place, not less.  Yet reform of the United Nations seems destined to fail as those already in power invariably do not wish to relinquish it.  Consequently we need to create a new organization, one that is more firmly rooted in the principle of democracy.  Ultimately a more democratic organization will better accomplish the goals of the UN.

To pretend that dictators represent people is an affront to the principle of democracy.


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