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Q. With over a billion people, how can you ignore China?

A. We clearly do not want to ignore China, but since China is not yet a democracy, there is no practical way of achieving a representative view of its people.  The UDN is not a military organization and there is no agenda to force democracy on China or anywhere else.  But this does not preclude working at all levels to promote democracy...through education, open communications, and so forth.  But to allow bureaucrats from a government that does not represent its people to PRETEND to represent its people is implicit support of that government and a disservice to a billion people.

Here's another way to look at it.  A billion people in China are already being ignored.  So the only change would be the implementation of a system that FAVORS the democratization of China.  The UDN is a pro-China organization.

Q. Won't the UDN diminish the power of the five permanent security console members?

A. On the surface it appears as if the "big five" lose power.  But if you believe in democracy and if democracy ultimately generates world peace, everyone benefits.

Q. Where will the UDN be located?

A. It's important that the UDN not grow as large (and ineffective) as the United Nations.  It is also important that the UDN not appear to be "owned" by any one country.  Consequently a rotating headquarters would be established.  The first five years might find the UDN based in India, the next five in France, and so forth.

Q. How can I promote this concept?  Can I donate?

A. Donations are not necessary.  Spread the word.  Post the message on blogs.  For those of you fortunate enough to live in democracies, tell your representatives.

If you approve of the concept, let me know and I can add your name to the petition on the Summary page.


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