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If the United Nations can be reformed to the extent described within these pages, then the UDN would be unnecessary, but the prospects for even minimal reform appear bleak.  Those in power, specifically the five permanent security council members, have so far shown neither the motivation nor the foresight to permit change.  It may be more efficient to simply start a new organization, ultimately phasing out the UN.

The goal of world peace requires a more serious effort from mankind.  A new approach is necessary.  We owe this to future generations.



"To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage."
- Confucius (551-479 B.C.)  Confucian Analects, 2.24, tr. James Legge, 1930

So there's one proposal for world peace.

If you have a better one, tell everybody.  If you like this proposal, let me know and I will add your name:   gary@UnitedDemocraticNations.org

Gary Stark, Campbell CA - 11/1/2007
Dr. David Vause MD, MPH - 4/22/2008
Karen Stark, Campbell CA - 4/23/2008
Ed & Rose Andersen, CA - 4-23-2008
Jase Machado, Folsom CA - 4/24/2008
Joe Choat, Carson City NV - 4/24/2008
Dennis Koble, Grass Valley, CA - 4/24/2008
Kevin Springer, Livermore, CA - 4/28/2008
Nina Marrocco, Deltona, FL - 11/3/2008
Dr. Herbert London, President Hudson Institute (www.hudson.org) - 01/02/2009
Michael Schau, FL - 1/29/2009
Dario More, Dresden Germany - 2/3/2009
Avi Nofech, Israel - 4/21/2009
Frederick W Gilling, UK - 9/5/2009
Manoj.T, Chennai, India - 1/5/2011
Govert Schinkel, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands - 3/6/2011
Eze Uba, Lagos, Nigeria - 11/17/2011
Timothy Beach, Houston, TX - 2/17/2012
Mark D. Wilson, Houston, Texas - 3/29/2012
Uzi Keren, Wellington, New Zealand - 6/11/2012
Jorge Masson, Pembroke Pines, FL - 1/13/2016
Jason Sears - 10/3/2019







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